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I am using Prezi for my project. I think its really awesome I’m really enjoying it! 😀

I actually like this project since we learn so much information about the British rule and we are provided with every thing we need! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for posting on this! Mmm? Long eh. I think like many technologies you have to be careful not to get too distracted by it. You might want to concentrate more on doing writing somewhere else, and then just collecting images in folders… then in a final step import it all into Prezi in one shot and order it. But I am guilty of not doing that too. I like to see something build and grow into something else, so I do slowly by writing in the prezi too. Anyway, hopefully it will speed up as you go.

    I am trying to give you links and resources yes, and there is information in the books. But in this kind of project you need to make the connections. And also it allows you to research on your own more, which also takes time i know….


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