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Garage- Javiera

– When in time it existed  (in time, but also what else was going on)-

The store “Garage” was founded in the year 1975. During this time there were many changes in Canada, such as Canada’s first female deputy. Having a female deputy must have been an important step towards the equality between genders and the clothing store is focused on encouraging girls to have a free spirit.

– Where it operates.  (Where are its offices, factories, whatever)

This retail store was created in Montreal and has expanded it stores to the United States and Dubai. Its head quarters are located in Montreal, Canada.

– Who is involved or who is in charge.

This clothing store is owned by “Groupe Dynamite”

–  What “effects” this organization has on the economy in Quebec in general

This store along with other two owned by “Groupe Dynamite” has more than 250 stores and employ more that 4000 people, part of those in Quebec meaning that this store has helped the economy of Quebec by giving more jobs to people.


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