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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Math portfolio- Jessica :)

I was very much surprized with the mark that I got for my math vision four test. I know what to do to complete a problem problems but it takes me a lot of time which we are not provided with. What I need to do to improve is train myself by setting a timer for ten minutes and see how much I’ve completed of the problem and train myself in complete them within the least time possible.


My new year’s resolution is to print every memory aid tips given in SAKAI and keep them in my binder so that I can refer back to them. I will ask more questions to understand everything fully what we are being taught with no doubt. I will also redo the problems that I did not get right the first time until I understand and complete it the right way with less time given.


The situational problem helped me realize what I need to work more on and study upon. It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I noticed that I need to train self in completing situational problems quicker like I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph.


I really like online learning because it has taught me to be more independent in my work which prepares me for college. The flipped classroom is very helpful to me because I can always go back and refer to it anytime which I do when I need more clarification. Also, when the teacher asks me to write my answer, it keeps me thinking about what she has explained in the earlier slides in order to get my answer write. The “Review Package Activity” has make me realize that there is  a lot to learn and that all that I’ve learned is very important and that I have to study them more and more until I understand them one hundred percent. What I would like LEARN to do in order to help me is maybe give less homework since I am not having the sleep I need to focus the next morning at school, I never sleep before twelve in the morning since I also have other homework in other subjects to accomplish which doesn’t leave me time to go over what isn’t very clear to me and understand them perfectly. I am a person that stresses a lot when thinking about school and pray to get over that weakness. Over all, I really like and enjoy the online LEARN classes and I love how much the teacher cares so much about me and all the other students as well. 🙂