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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Math questions :)

1)a) Find the square root function of the vertex is (-9,4) and the point (10,8)

b) If possible, find the zero and the y-intercept of this function.


2)a)  Draw the graph of the absolute value function that has a vertex of (2,-7) and a point of (8,2)

b) Tell e the sign on this function, the domain and range, and the variation.


3) Find the inverse function of the rule f(x)=(9-x)^2+7



How the square root function and the standard function are similar!

Right now I will be explaining how the square root function is exceptionally similar to the standard function.

The only difference between both equations is that the square root function has a square root surrounding the “x-h” in the function, but the standard function, instead of having a square root, the “x-h” are squared.

For example….

Square root function–> f(x)=a sqrt(x-h)+k

Standard function –> f(x)=a (x-h)^2+k

The reason why one is squared and the other one is square rooted is because, when drawing the graph of a the standard function, it demonstrates a parabola, but when drawing the graph of and square root function, it demonstrated the half of a parabola.

Is that clear to you guys? 🙂


This year, you have made math class one of my favorite classes in school. Without you, I wouldn’t have loved math as much as I use too during the past years. You’re class is the contrary of boring, it is fun, amusing, entertaining, and this is how I personally learn. When I am in a boring class, I tend to concentrate less. You strive to help us when we are in need and you make time for us to learn such as meeting us after school on Tuesdays for example. I also love the way you teach, by giving us examples one right after the other and making sure that we completely understand what we’re doing.

I thank you Mrs. Mcgoldrick for caring for your students and showing how much you do, it really means a lot!