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How the square root function and the standard function are similar!

Right now I will be explaining how the square root function is exceptionally similar to the standard function.

The only difference between both equations is that the square root function has a square root surrounding the “x-h” in the function, but the standard function, instead of having a square root, the “x-h” are squared.

For example….

Square root function–> f(x)=a sqrt(x-h)+k

Standard function –> f(x)=a (x-h)^2+k

The reason why one is squared and the other one is square rooted is because, when drawing the graph of a the standard function, it demonstrates a parabola, but when drawing the graph of and square root function, it demonstrated the half of a parabola.

Is that clear to you guys? 🙂



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  1. Good job Jess! really well explained
    I wrote about the similarities/differences of the square root and the absolute value 🙂

  2. I have a question – by standard function do you mean quadratic? Great post by the way!


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