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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Properties of Cos and sin functions

This VoiceThread really helped my understand all the properties. they were very well explained but of course I will need some exercises to practice to know them like the back of my hand. Ofcourse I wrote everything down on paper because I am very visual and that helped e understand quicker.


The Basic Trig Functions

After watching this VoiceThread, I’ve realized that the radiant are not that difficult and confusing as I saw them to be earlier during this chapter. I’ve done the exercises on paper, I haven’t written them as comments and when I looked at the next slides with the answers, I pretty much got everything correct! 🙂



The Ferris Wheel

I have worked on the ferris wheel with Javiera and we have both realized that there is a mirror image ( for the denominators)  from left to right. also we have realized that the fractions that are the same color all around the circle, have the same denominator. this will make it so much easier for us to memorize these fractions and hopefully we will know them by heart very soon! 🙂

The big seventeen

This VoiceThread really confused e because of all the pies, I know that I need to write the down more and more just like the last VoiceThread in order to be able to memorize them. I got mixed up a little when the numbers were changing every time we would add new angles but I know I will get the hang of it very soon.

I see that there is a mirror image  which will definitely help in knowing the numbers by heart.

Blog post- Introduction to the unit circle.

Till now, I find this chapter very interesting, it was a little confusing at first with all the angles but then once i drew the circles and the angles on paper and counted between them, it became completely clear to me and I didn’t find it as difficult at all.


There are some things that we need to memorize in order to get the right answers but they stick in the head pretty fast ones, it is written down on paper several times. Using logic in knowing which angles go where also really helps.