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Optional blog post – March 22










Here is my optional blog post 🙂

Part 1 and part 2


Blog post part 1

blog post part 2

blog post page 3



From Rule to Graph

I just finished watching the continuation of the voice thread From Graph to Rule.

Normally when we have more information in math, it tends to be more difficult, but here, the more information we learn, the easier this chapter becomes.

I, of course, need to practice in finding the new parameters , but it seems pretty simple to me.


I am liking this chapter! 🙂

From Graph To Rule

I honestly enjoyed this Voice Thread, although we had more things to learn, it wasn’t difficult at all.

Knowing that there are more ways of looking at a graph and giving them different names makes it easier to understand just because we can categorize them separately. Also since I am a very visual and imaginative person, it allows me to understand faster and it leaves me wanting to learn more about this chapter and do more exercises.

Graphs on Geogebra









The parameters:

a: 5

b: 0.11

h: 0

k: 10





The parameters:

a: 5

b: 0.011

h: 30

k: 6


geogebra 2

A Fully Transformed Trig Function!

Here is my procedure into finding the parameters a,b,h and k

Rule— Check

Graph— Check

Trig properties— Check

Where to find those properties in the rule and in the graph— Check





I justnoticedthat Imade a mistake in the parameter “a” It is suppose to be [M-m]/2 –> [10-(-7)]/2=8.5

The final Formula is: 8.5 sin 2x+1.5