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Optional blog post #2

Here is my Blog post assignment!:)

Part 1
ImageGraph and validation

(Used paint and Geogebra)



Graph and validation

(Used paint and Geogebra)Image

Part 2




THE IDENTITIES! 🙂IMG-20130418-00282


Pythagorean Identities

For this chapter, witting all the identities all on a sheet of paper and keeping this paper with me when I do my work will help tremendously which I have already done. Keeping my things neat, clear and in order is what should be done in this chapter the most since there are a lot of information that will take a while to remember.

The Identities are:

1. Quotient Identities

Tan x= Sin x  / Cos x

Cot x= Cos x / Sin x

2. Reciprocal identities

Sec x = 1/ Cos x

Csc x = 1/ Sin x

Cot= 1/Tan x

3. The 3 pythagorean identities

Sin ^2 x + Cos ^2 x = 1

Tan ^2 x + 1 = Sec^2 x

1 + Cot^2 x = Csc ^2 x

4. Squared Trig notation

(Sin x) ^2 = Sin ^2 x

(Tan x) ^2 = Tan^2 = (Sin x/Cos x)^2 = Sin^2 x/ Cos ^2 x

(Cos x) ^2 = Cox^2

Cot^2 x = 1/tan^2 = Cos ^2 x / Sin ^2 x

Sec ^2 x = (1/Cos x)^2 = 1 / Cos ^2 x

Csc^2 x = (1/Sin x)^2= 1/Sin^2 x


Equivalent Trig Things

As most of the time, when learning new things, we tend to find them difficult and confusing, such as the chapter we are leaning currently. But we we learn more things about it, it gets easier and easier.

To make it more simple, I try to memorize the ratios by heart and make sense of them. I write them out, put colors and study it, this helps me since I am a visual person and helps me to comprehend what I am studying.

Last class make everything more clear to me with the practice and the team work that took place and I know I will know all these “Equivalent Trip Things” like the back of my hand soon enough! 🙂

Six trig ratios

I know about the 3 other trig ratios but but my teachers told me that I would learn them later in life, and here I am now learning about them! 😀

I don’t find them difficult, its just learning something new that is almost the same as Sin, cos and tan, I just need a little bit of memorizing such as the :


Cosencant as CSC or COSEC,

Secant as SEC


Cotangent as COT

for example,

and also the reciprocal of each trig ratios.