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Pythagorean Identities

For this chapter, witting all the identities all on a sheet of paper and keeping this paper with me when I do my work will help tremendously which I have already done. Keeping my things neat, clear and in order is what should be done in this chapter the most since there are a lot of information that will take a while to remember.

The Identities are:

1. Quotient Identities

Tan x= Sin x  / Cos x

Cot x= Cos x / Sin x

2. Reciprocal identities

Sec x = 1/ Cos x

Csc x = 1/ Sin x

Cot= 1/Tan x

3. The 3 pythagorean identities

Sin ^2 x + Cos ^2 x = 1

Tan ^2 x + 1 = Sec^2 x

1 + Cot^2 x = Csc ^2 x

4. Squared Trig notation

(Sin x) ^2 = Sin ^2 x

(Tan x) ^2 = Tan^2 = (Sin x/Cos x)^2 = Sin^2 x/ Cos ^2 x

(Cos x) ^2 = Cox^2

Cot^2 x = 1/tan^2 = Cos ^2 x / Sin ^2 x

Sec ^2 x = (1/Cos x)^2 = 1 / Cos ^2 x

Csc^2 x = (1/Sin x)^2= 1/Sin^2 x



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