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Environment- History


There are lots of problems producing in our environment for several years but these problems are not left alone, they are in the process of being taken care of. International agreements are also in the process concerning the environment as well.

The main points of environmental problems are the natural resources, the mass consumption, the overexploitation of resources, the pollution and global warming. The environmental problems are becoming a big deal for the planet because pollution and destruction of the natural environment are increasing tremendous.

Movements were being organized to protect nature, to put pressure on governments and to raise public awareness about environmental problems. New concepts also emerged to protect our nature such as sustainable development. This development is called the Brundtland Report. Choices have been made in order to degrade our living environment and to promote sustainable development and disadvantages, as well as economic and environmental costs, that much be considered. The life style of the people on the planet is beginning to change in order to keep out planet clean.  The reduction of pollution is currently taking place which will be an exceptional way to protect the environment.

Developing International solutions to environmental problems were taking place by the United Nations offers of a natural framework. International conferences have been organized under the leadership of the United Nations..

As it is shown, the environment is being very well taken care of by the government and by the population’s actions. This will improve the environment tremendously during the period of several years.


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