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Population Essay- History


Population has increased majorly in several places around the world because of migration that has been an enormous part in people’s lives. Not only has it increased but has also decreased in several countries as well depending on the wealth of the country for example.

Migration has been active since a great amount of time and has increased tremendously. It has been growing since the year 1980 by 2 to 3 million every year. Although this large amount, the migrant population still represents less than 3% of the world’s population. Transportation has a large impact on migratory movement which has allowed transportation to evolve since the 19th century. Immigrants leave a wide variety of countries of origin for a wide variety of countries of destination such as wealthy countries.

The population is more mobile than it used to be because of the accessibility of transportation causing more temporary migration. Migrants mostly come from countries with high demographic growth and move to countries with an aging population. There are many immigrants that leave their countries by force and not by choice. Reasons being is wars or an unstable, life-threatening political situation. Family reunification can also be a reason for migration

Most immigrants leave poor countries to find work in industrialized countries where the economy if flourishing. The mobility of the population has been impacted by the globalization of the economy. The exchanging of merchandise has tremendously increased as well as increased the mobility because of it. Mobility has increased on skilled and unskilled labour.

The attempt to attract the most educated and skilled workers have become competition between countries because of the globalization markets. There is large percentage of intellectual people going into the fields of medicine, engineering and computer science that are immigrants. Free circulation between countries is prevented by the borders that surround them and to be able to do so and stay in a country legally, travellers must meet government requirements. Most immigrants respect and life by the rules of the receiving countries, and those who so not, are living there illegally which forced them to live secret lives. Such as language, ways of thinking and acting, cuisine, traditions and religion.

As written previously, we now know that there are several reasons for immigration causing the increase and the decrease in different countries for many reasons.


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