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Economists developed economic concepts and indicators that allow the measurement of wealth of a country. The international economy has experienced continuous growth since the Second World War. International trade has tremendously increased as well in the second half of the 20th century. This growth first began in developed countries and then extended all around the world.

Countries have different kinds of wealth when compared to each other making it difficult for about 50 countries to meet their basic needs. About a dozen countries are wealthy facilitating and making the standard of living comfortable and benefit from high income. After the Second World War, the economic growth of many States was impacted by government spending who have gotten into debt to invest in the economy, education and health. this isn’t a good thing, it has made a negative impact on the economy.

Wealth is not the only thing that isn’t distributed equally around the world, but also the distribution of natural resources. The number of Chinese living in extreme poverty has decreased between the years 1990 and 2000 from 631 to 204 million. But in Sub-Saharan Africa, is has sadly increased by 82 million.

International aid is used to support development which can come from another country, an international organization or a private organization. The battle to decrease the percentage of inequality around the world must be fought on both the national and the international levels. International trade isn’t only a source of great wealth but also the cause of serious social injustice resulting from the exploitation of the poor. Several citizens as well as States and intergovernmental organizations are trying to do something about providing international air to developing countries. Although international aid is being used, it is still not sure if it is a positive or negative impact on countries weather poor or wealthy.






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