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Tensions and conflicts

History- Tensions and conflicts

Where there are tensions and conflicts between states or populations, it is rarely because of one lone cause. Most of the time there are many reasons involving the territory, control over resources, issues of identity (religion, ethnicity), the quest for political autonomy and other factors. Great political power is greatly demanded by colonized people and the minorities. Reason being is to become the master of their own destinies. Wishing to create their own state and their own independence for their country is exceptionally important for them, and to achieve that goal their need to use the necessary force. Human rights has been adopted and declared by the United Nations after the Second World War ended.

The tensions between states and populations do not always involve wars but most of the time, the parties manage to reach an agreement and negotiate a compromise through diplomacy.  When diplomatic means do not work in resolving problems between States and the populations, they begin with the violence such as riots, assassinations, terrorist attacks, or also armed conflicts such as conventional war, civil war and also genocide.

The international law recognizes each country’s right to defend itself when under attack, but prohibits any encroachment on the sovereignty of other States. The role of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security prevent conflicts and encourage cooperation.

It has been said by the principles that undertake international relations that the use of armed force must only be used when nothing else works out. Before using force, countries must exhaust all other possible forms of pressure, such as economic sanctions or diplomatic interventions for example. The requirements of international intervention are a great deal of diplomacy, money and time. International actors that intervene in areas of tensions and conflicts do not only include states ad intergovernmental organizations. Several non-governmental organizations have humanitarian objectives that motivate them to take action in regions affected by war. Reason being is to provide aid to populations in need.


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