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Conics memory aid

Conics memory aid


Tensions and conflicts

History- Tensions and conflicts

Where there are tensions and conflicts between states or populations, it is rarely because of one lone cause. Most of the time there are many reasons involving the territory, control over resources, issues of identity (religion, ethnicity), the quest for political autonomy and other factors. Great political power is greatly demanded by colonized people and the minorities. Reason being is to become the master of their own destinies. Wishing to create their own state and their own independence for their country is exceptionally important for them, and to achieve that goal their need to use the necessary force. Human rights has been adopted and declared by the United Nations after the Second World War ended.

The tensions between states and populations do not always involve wars but most of the time, the parties manage to reach an agreement and negotiate a compromise through diplomacy.  When diplomatic means do not work in resolving problems between States and the populations, they begin with the violence such as riots, assassinations, terrorist attacks, or also armed conflicts such as conventional war, civil war and also genocide.

The international law recognizes each country’s right to defend itself when under attack, but prohibits any encroachment on the sovereignty of other States. The role of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security prevent conflicts and encourage cooperation.

It has been said by the principles that undertake international relations that the use of armed force must only be used when nothing else works out. Before using force, countries must exhaust all other possible forms of pressure, such as economic sanctions or diplomatic interventions for example. The requirements of international intervention are a great deal of diplomacy, money and time. International actors that intervene in areas of tensions and conflicts do not only include states ad intergovernmental organizations. Several non-governmental organizations have humanitarian objectives that motivate them to take action in regions affected by war. Reason being is to provide aid to populations in need.

Identities Assignment

Hi Mrs, here are my solved identities. I chose 3 problems from the hard section. I’m sorry for not giving it as fast as I could but I was really concentrating and studying for the science exam that was coming up. I finished solving these a while ago though, like when they were first given but didnt find the time to upload them.

Here they are 🙂


Wealth blog post


Economists developed economic concepts and indicators that allow the measurement of wealth of a country. The international economy has experienced continuous growth since the Second World War. International trade has tremendously increased as well in the second half of the 20th century. This growth first began in developed countries and then extended all around the world.

Countries have different kinds of wealth when compared to each other making it difficult for about 50 countries to meet their basic needs. About a dozen countries are wealthy facilitating and making the standard of living comfortable and benefit from high income. After the Second World War, the economic growth of many States was impacted by government spending who have gotten into debt to invest in the economy, education and health. this isn’t a good thing, it has made a negative impact on the economy.

Wealth is not the only thing that isn’t distributed equally around the world, but also the distribution of natural resources. The number of Chinese living in extreme poverty has decreased between the years 1990 and 2000 from 631 to 204 million. But in Sub-Saharan Africa, is has sadly increased by 82 million.

International aid is used to support development which can come from another country, an international organization or a private organization. The battle to decrease the percentage of inequality around the world must be fought on both the national and the international levels. International trade isn’t only a source of great wealth but also the cause of serious social injustice resulting from the exploitation of the poor. Several citizens as well as States and intergovernmental organizations are trying to do something about providing international air to developing countries. Although international aid is being used, it is still not sure if it is a positive or negative impact on countries weather poor or wealthy.





Power blog post- History


States powers have a direct impact on most human activities. They have different kinds of power depending on the principles and practical realities of the state. What grew exponentially during the 19th and 20th century are international exchanges such economic, political, social and cultural. Introducing a form of permanent international cooperation would help regulate these exchanges. This was going to be done by the United Nations. To do so, their system included commissions and others relating to all aspects of international cooperation.

States play a key role in the economy by promoting its growth by their politics. States also close or open their borders to international trade which is a great influence. This is done for what is more profitable for the state itself. In the second half of the 20th century, regional economic agreements have tremendously grown. What have also grown are the international transactions since the end of the Second World War. Multinational corporations are exceptionally important to the globalization of the economy. Reason being is because of their responsibility to the major portion of global production and also sell goods and services all around the world. Governments cannot make laws concerning the agricultural methods but can manage the production in their own territories. They can control the quality of products that enter their territory and also adopt international production standards.

Homogenization of culture in several countries has been led by economic globalization and the development of communications technologies. The building of universal peace is being seeked by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO). How this is being worked upon is by advancing the cooperation among nations through education, science, culture and communication.

Environment blog post, History


            \There are lots of problems producing in our environment for several years but these problems are not left alone, they are in the process of being taken care of. International agreements are also in the process concerning the environment as well.

The main points of environmental problems are the natural resources, the mass consumption, the overexploitation of resources, the pollution and global warming. The environmental problems are becoming a big deal for the planet because pollution and destruction of the natural environment are increasing tremendous.

Movements were being organized to protect nature, to put pressure on governments and to raise public awareness about environmental problems. New concepts also emerged to protect our nature such as sustainable development. This development is called the Brundtland Report. Choices have been made in order to degrade our living environment and to promote sustainable development and disadvantages, as well as economic and environmental costs, that much be considered. The life style of the people on the planet is beginning to change in order to keep out planet clean.  The reduction of pollution is currently taking place which will be an exceptional way to protect the environment.

Developing International solutions to environmental problems were taking place by the United Nations offers of a natural framework. International conferences have been organized under the leadership of the United Nations..

As it is shown, the environment is being very well taken care of by the government and by the population’s actions. This will improve the environment tremendously during the period of several years.

Population Essay- History


Population has increased majorly in several places around the world because of migration that has been an enormous part in people’s lives. Not only has it increased but has also decreased in several countries as well depending on the wealth of the country for example.

Migration has been active since a great amount of time and has increased tremendously. It has been growing since the year 1980 by 2 to 3 million every year. Although this large amount, the migrant population still represents less than 3% of the world’s population. Transportation has a large impact on migratory movement which has allowed transportation to evolve since the 19th century. Immigrants leave a wide variety of countries of origin for a wide variety of countries of destination such as wealthy countries.

The population is more mobile than it used to be because of the accessibility of transportation causing more temporary migration. Migrants mostly come from countries with high demographic growth and move to countries with an aging population. There are many immigrants that leave their countries by force and not by choice. Reasons being is wars or an unstable, life-threatening political situation. Family reunification can also be a reason for migration

Most immigrants leave poor countries to find work in industrialized countries where the economy if flourishing. The mobility of the population has been impacted by the globalization of the economy. The exchanging of merchandise has tremendously increased as well as increased the mobility because of it. Mobility has increased on skilled and unskilled labour.

The attempt to attract the most educated and skilled workers have become competition between countries because of the globalization markets. There is large percentage of intellectual people going into the fields of medicine, engineering and computer science that are immigrants. Free circulation between countries is prevented by the borders that surround them and to be able to do so and stay in a country legally, travellers must meet government requirements. Most immigrants respect and life by the rules of the receiving countries, and those who so not, are living there illegally which forced them to live secret lives. Such as language, ways of thinking and acting, cuisine, traditions and religion.

As written previously, we now know that there are several reasons for immigration causing the increase and the decrease in different countries for many reasons.