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Important event- French Fur trade

The French fur trade was an important event in history. This trade lasted for 200 years. It started from the year 1650 to the year 1850. This trade was between the French and the Natives. This trade first started because the Natives figured that the main source the French used to get rich was beaver furs whom which the Natives had plenty of because of the hunting the women did since they were small games.The furs would be used to make hats and big coats which will keep them selves warm during the long freezing winters. In return, the Europeans sent knives, hatches and beads to the French.

Because of this trade, the french decided to create the first trading post in New France which immensely enriched New France. New France was also ask to be monopolized over since it was a rich and well developed place.

Question: Why did the French start the fur trade? Why would they want to trade with the Natives?

I mostly used the book for more references.


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  1. I would like to start with : love your colourful timeline! hahah πŸ˜›
    Nice work!
    Fur trade was definitely very important, it lasted for 200 years!!! wow! haha

  2. The fur trade certainly did go on for a while. The site you found that info on was for Wisconson though, which is far west in the States. The important difference though is that even on that site it points out that trading was done with the English after 1763. You need to change the right side of the timeline for it to be accurate.

  3. It was the aboriginals (the native Indians like the Algonquians) that first had the furs and traded with the French (who were European). Later, French went hunting too. Those were Coureurs de Bois: Runners of the Woods. See this site

  4. I really love this post!
    As Amanda mentioned, lovely timeline! πŸ™‚ I overall love how you put the post together, very interesting information regarding the fur trade. I have to agree with you, it was a greatly important event


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