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Portrait of an economic region- Les Laurentides

Laurentides is a French region situated in Quebec located to the North of Montreal. This place was named in the year 1845 by a French historian Francois-Xavier Garneau. The area that Laurentides covers is approximately 21 000 Kilometer squared. In English, this region can be called Laurentians. In the year 2006, this region had a population of 511.276 inhabitants.

Here are two interesting graphs that I found that shows the percentage of people living in The Laurentides

Migration by age

Population by age

The Montagnais First Nations tribe were the first inhabitants to live in Laurentides before the French came along in the beginning of the 19th century who have started agriculture in the valleys which is still being done today.  In the 20th century, tourism became very popular in Laurentides. They were and are still most likely found on a cottage and lake culture in the summer. In winter they were found on a downhill and cross-country ski culture.  Laurentides is also very well known for the “Laurentides Golf Club” which is situated in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada, where tourists are also most likely found. This area grew immensely and its largest city is Saint- Jeraume.

Another main and most common activity that are being done in Laurentides is manufacturing. They manufacture papers, plastic and rubber products, clothes, wood products, transportation equipment, computer and electric products and much more.


Here are two maps that I found about Laurentides.

picture project

This image above shows a full version of how The Laurentides looks like on a map. this image also shows all the places that are located in The Laurentides.

 Looking at the map on the right, we can see , on the bottom right a zoomed out version that shows the exact location of Mirabel in Quebec.

On the top right of this map there is a zoomed in version where you can see closely the places surrounding Les Laurentides.

This map can give you an approximate idea of its location and its magnitude.

In Laurentides, the main resources to use to transportation are trains, buses and planes. they are used every day since they make traveling and transportation much easier and quicker. These resources are used for transporting goods, freight, and the population as well.

In the year of 2006, in Laurentides, the maximum percentage of unemployed people in percentage is 8.4 percent which is thankfully not a big amount of people. It is almost as much as unemployed people in all Quebec! The maximum unemployed people in whole Quebec in percentage is 7.9 percent. In Laurentides, there are 0.7 percent of unemployed people lower than the Quebec’s percentage of unemployment. The reason why there are more unemployed people in Laurentides then in Quebec is because it is more concentrated in Laurentides then in Quebec and the average is not based on the same numbers of people. The reason why the percentage is thankfully low is because Laurentides are attracting the people by the offering many good jobs to the immigrants.

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