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Letter from the King

I, the King Louis XIII, am writing this letter to the head of the Company one hundred associates.  I would be very much appreciating if you make the approval of my offer which is to take the monopoly over New France! New France is a great, rich and extremely successful place that is involved in fur trade with other countries. Many goods are transported very easily and quickly because of the different transportations used. If you accept this offer, I will grant you a monopoly to manage fur trade in the colonies of New France. You will be benefited with a big of money from the company of 100 associates by taking this  precious offer very seriously and approve from it.


Thank you.



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  1. Hi Jessica 🙂
    I liked your letter. Maybe you could add what the Company of 100 associates could gain by taking over the monopoly of New France.
    Overall good job! 🙂

  2. Hi Jessica 🙂

    I think this is a great offer for the monopoly of the fur trade! You added some great points about all the things that could be gained from having this monopoly. It might have been wise to also add all of the money they could make by having the fur trade as well as mention their responsibilities in the colony like that they have to make the population grow.

    Overall an awesome post! 😀

  3. Heyy Jess!
    This is a great post!!
    I liked how you included commercial (as in the objects being traded) and territorial benefits and encouraged the company in this way. However, I have to agree with Javi. It would be a great addition to talk about the profits that the 100 associates could make by accepting this offer by the King. I am assured that money is a great factor 😛 and that it is what could truly motivate this company! 😀
    Other than that, this is a wonderful speech!
    Good Job! Loved it.


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